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Wildlife Webcam Projects

Since we broadcast our first wildlife webcam in 2004 we have continually developed new technologies to bring unique wildlife species into homes and schools all over the world. Below are a list of some of our more notable wildlife projects and the technology used.



Project 1 - Multiple Motion-Activated Live Webcam

This was our very first webcam project that was developed over a few years time. This camera was a first of its kind. This camera system included a main camera that was broadcasting all the time and (4) other wireless webcams in remote areas that were within 1/2 mile from the main camera. The wireless camera were motion activated and if an animal was in front of them the main view would switch to the wireless camera view. When the animal left the view would switch back to the main camera. Camera viewers never knew what they might see. This camera system was awarded the 2007 World's Most Interesting Webcam award by EarthCam. Click here to read more... 

Project 2 - Dual View Bird Box Camera - Inside/Outside Cams

When watching bird box webcams viewers often wonder what is going on outside the box. We solved this problem by added an external outside camera to view birds when the were at the opening. If a bird was at the opening the inside camera would switch to the outside camera view for as long as the bird was at the opening. Then the camera would switch back to the inside view. Click here to read more...

Project 3 - Black Bear Den Camera

The "Lily Bear" webcam made International news in 2010 when we broadcast the birth of a black bear live to over 50,000 viewers. This was the first time the public and researchers witnessed this view of a wild black bear birth from a den site. The camera was featured on the NBC Today Show twice among many other new outlets. Click here to read more...

Project 4 - Multi-cam Eastern Screech Owl Research Project

One of a kind camera system broadcasting 8 screech owl boxes with mini cameras and one external HD pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) camera to watch screech owl activity year round. Cameras located in south-west Pennsylvania in a remote location. The purpose of this project is to study the eastern screech owl behaviors during the winter roosting and spring nesting periods in a natural environment. The project was started in 2011. The camera system designed to monitor the screech owls is located in a wooded remote area unlike other screech owl webcams located in urban areas or backyards that are broadcast on the Internet. Click here to read more...

Project 5 - Pittsburgh Hays Bald Eagle Webcam

The Hays bald eagles are the first nesting pair of bald eagles in Pittsburgh in nearly 250 years. They first nested near Pittsburgh in 2013 and we installed the first ever camera on a Pennsylvania bald eagle nest in 2014. The nest is  5 miles of downtown Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania along the Monongahela River near where the famed Carnegie Steel Homestead site once existed. Industrialization beginning in the 19th century led to extensive unregulated pollution of the rivers, which decimated fish populations that eagles feed on. For example, during a survey on Monongahela River in 1967, one scientist could find only one bluegill. As efforts to clean the waterways took effect over the past 30 years, 76 species of fish have been found in the Monongahela. Click here to read more...




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