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    We are currently live-streaming over 40 wildlife cameras! We have something for everyone from eagles, bears, elk, deer, birds, owls, and much more! Click here to see all of our cams.

    Hays Eagle Cam

    PA Bird Feeder Cam 1

    PA Wildlife Cam 2

    USS Eagle Cam

    PA Bird Feeder Cam 2

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    Our Posts provide an educational lens into the world of wildlife. Discover, learn, and be inspired by the wonders of wildlife! Click here to see all Posts.

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    Test your wildlife knowledge, uncover fascinating facts, and delve into the wonders of the natural world. Whether you’re a seasoned enthusiast or a curious newcomer, this quiz promises to ignite your passion for wildlife and leave you with a deeper appreciation for the incredible creatures that inhabit our planet. Take one of our engaging wildlife quizzes!

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    Visit our learning center

    The PixCams Learning Center includes a collection of educational tools for teachers and individuals who use our live streams for educational purposes. The lesson plans can be used in conjunction with the Live Cameras and YouTube videos but also encourages students to get in the outdoors and explore! 

    With our large variety of live streaming wildlife cameras, you never know what you might see. Wildlife is unscripted and over our many years of live- streaming we have see some amazing sights! Be sure to join in the fun and check out one of our many Live Cams.

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    Welcome to the Hays bald eagle nest camera live streaming from Pittsburgh, PA

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    Watch deer, turkey, squirrels, raccoons, fox and more on PA Wildlife Cam 2

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    See a variety of songbirds on PA Bird Feeder 2 Cam live

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    Watch songbirds in a wooded area on PA Bird Feeder 1

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