Bird Listening Stations

Realtime Acoustic Bird Classification

See our new real-time acoustic bird classification integration of our live streaming cameras and new BirdNET-Pi bird listening station!

The real-time acoustic bird classification is an AI-Powered bird sound recognition algorithm called BirdNET developed by The K. Lisa Yang Center for Conservation Bioacoustics at the Cornell Lab of Ornithology and the Chair of Media Informatics at Chemnitz University of Technology. BirdNET focused on the detection and classification of avian sounds using machine learning and can currently identify around 3,000 of the world’s most common species. BirdNET is the bird identification software used in the popular Merlin App.

BirdNET-Pi Listening Station

BirdNET-Pi an open-source software tool running on a small computer called the Raspberry Pi that you can build yourself and listen for birds in your backyard. Created by Patrick McGuire, BirdNET-Pi integrated BirdNET into a web-based server.

We recently created a BirdNET-Pi with the help of Patrick and have it installed in a remote location collecting acoustic bird data. See the listening station here: https://murrysvillepa.birdnetpi.com/

If you would like to build your own BirdNET-Pi listening station see the Installation Guide.


PixCams has recently added some of our live streaming cams to the BirdWeather APP powered by BirdNET. BirdWeather, developed by Tim Clark, is a user interface of geographically placed listing stations from all over the world that uses BirdNET to ID bird species by sound. See the live acoustic bird classification for our live streaming cam:

PA Bird Feeder 1:              https://app.birdweather.com/stations/46
PA Bird Feeder 2:              https://app.birdweather.com/stations/180
PA Wildlife 1:                     https://app.birdweather.com/stations/181
PA Wildlife 2:                     https://app.birdweather.com/stations/182
PA Wildlife 3:                     https://app.birdweather.com/stations/189

Hays Bald Eagles:            https://app.birdweather.com/stations/186
USS Bald Eagles:              https://app.birdweather.com/stations/191
MCP Wetlands:                 https://app.birdweather.com/stations/183
Owl PTZ:                             https://app.birdweather.com/stations/190
Key Bird Feeder:                https://app.birdweather.com/stations/184
Key Drip Bath:                    https://app.birdweather.com/stations/185

SVC Bird Feeder:               https://app.birdweather.com/stations/266

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