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PixCams, Inc. is a truly unique company. Not only do we provide educational live streaming wildlife cameras for schools and the general public, but we also develop live streaming camera solutions.

PixCams can provide innovative live streaming solutions for your wildlife streaming project. Please see our “Install a Live Cam” tutorial or get more information on the EZStreamer.com that allows you to live stream your security/IP camera to YouTube and Facebook LIVE. Every camera currently live streaming at PixCams uses the EZ Streamer encoder. Please feel free to Contact Us with your live streaming wildlife camera projects today. 

Live Streaming Wildlife Cameras

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WingCast Edition 1 by Jim Kellam, PhD.

WingCast Edition 1 by Jim Kellam, PhD.Jim Kellam, PhD. Associate Professor of BiologySaint Vincent CollegeWelcome to the first video in a series titled "WingCast" by Jim Kellam, PhD. Associate Professor

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admin February 28, 2023 0
Bald Eagles Ornithology Songbirds

Installing the BirdKiss AI Smart Bird Feeder in a Remote Location

Installing the BirdKiss AI Smart Bird Feeder in a Remote LocationWe have been testing the new BirdKiss AI Smart Bird Feeder for a little over two weeks now. Our most

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admin February 14, 2023 0

BirdKiss AI Smart Bird Feeder

BirdKiss AI Smart Bird FeederOne of the hottest topics in the technology world today is Artificial Intelligence (AI). In recent years AI is now moving quickly into the bird feeder

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admin February 10, 2023 0
AI Attracting Wildlife Bird Feeders

Featured Cam

Hays Bald Eagle Cam

Bird Feeder Cams

Watch Songbirds!

Visit one of our most popular bird feeder cams, PA Bird Feeder 2!

Wildlife Cams

See Deer & Turkey

At our popular PA Wildlife Cam 2. This camera always has something for the viewer to watch.

Screech Owl Project

See Screech Owls

The eastern screech owl season has begun! Watch the owls roosting during the day in one of our 8 owl boxes.

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With our large variety of live streaming wildlife cameras, you never know what you might see. Wildlife is unscripted and over our many years of live- streaming we have see some amazing sights! Be sure to join in the fun and check out one of our many Live Cams.

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