Screech Owl Lesson Plans

Screech Owl Lesson Plans

Our eastern screech owl camera project was designed to study the eastern screech owl behaviors during the winter roosting and spring nesting periods in a natural environment. The project was started in 2011. The camera system designed to monitor the screech owls is located in a wooded remote area unlike other screech owl webcams located in urban areas or backyards that are broadcast on the Internet. Below are some related links and documents helpful in using this project for educational purposes.

Audubon Field Guide:

Screech Owl Fun Sheet

Can you guess how the screech owl got its name? Learn some fun facts about this species of owl with a fun info sheet.

Screech Owl Nest Box Plans

Want to build a screech owl next box or two for your backyard? See “How to Build a Screech Owl Nest Box” by Anthony Altorenna. This is a step-by-step tutorial on how to construct a screech owl next box.