Learning Center

The PixCams Learning Center includes a collection of educational tools for teachers and individuals who use our live streams for educational purposes. Below are lesson plans and wildlife facts that can be used for classroom education and individuals interested is learning more about nature. The lesson plans can be used in conjunction with the live cameras and YouTube videos but also encourages students to get in the outdoors and explore! If you have any suggestions for the learning center please contact us with any constructive advice/material.

Wildlife Quizzes

Test your wildlife knowledge with one of our quizzes!

Bald Eagle Lesson Plans

See the Audubon Society of Western Pennsylvania Bald Eagle downloadable lesson plans.

Wildlife Lesson Plans

Get the Pennsylvania 4-H Wildlife Conservation Program downloadable workbooks.

Eastern Screech Owl Project

Eastern screech owl field guides and nesting box plans.

Songbird Feeding Tips

Want to attract songbirds to your backyard? Check out our feeder and feeding tips.

Build your own Bird Boxes

We have assembled a variety of bird nest box plans for you so that you can make your own bird boxes.

Pennsylvania Elk Facts

The elk were reintroduced to Pennsylvania starting in 1913 from western states in an ambitious effort by the PA Game Commission.

Install a Live Wildlife Cam

Have you ever wanted to stream your own wildlife camera? If so, we have some new camera kits that will allow you to stream your wildlife to YouTube and other streaming services.

Citizen Scientist Certificate

Downloadable student citizen scientist certificate for teachers. This is for students participating in the collection of citizen science wildlife data.