Patricia Williams Memorial Camera

New Patricia Williams Memorial Camera

New (special) Cam Announcement!
This camera is located in a remote area of Southwestern Pennsylvania and is dedicated to the memory of Patricia Williams. Patricia, PitaPat in chat, passed away peacefully on September 22nd, 2021. Patricia loved the wildlife cams, especially the deer. Her friends and family graciously donated the funds in her memory to make this camera possible.

The camera is set up in a remote area with lots of cover that attracts many species of wildlife. It was a challenge to install the equipment in this area because it’s about 1/4 mile from our base station, however, we wanted a special area where it was completely out in nature, showcasing the natural stream, animals, and habits of the wildlife that we do not normally see as an onlooker. In the spring & summer we expect to see warblers and other nesting birds in this area.

The main camera is a PTZ (pan, tilt, zoom) camera in which we can remotely move around and zoom in on different animals. In the evenings and on weekends we will control the camera for viewers to get a closer look at the wildlife.
Thank you to the friends and family who donated in Patricia’s honor to make this possible. May she live on in warm memories and through the smiles and joy that the wildlife at this special site will bring to all.

Join us for birds getting drinks and bathing, we have seen 9 species as of this posting, also for woodland creatures such as, bunnies, deer, chipmunks, and squirrels. Let’s see what will show up next!

See birds bathing in the stream

Doe walks through stream

Button buck walks through too

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