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Bats play a vital role in natural pest control, helping to regulate populations of mosquitoes and agricultural pests. They are not only crucial for the environment but also for maintaining a harmonious and resilient ecosystem. Our recommended bat houses are designed to provide a safe haven for these useful nocturnal creatures.

Premium Bat House Kit with Pole, 65 Bats

Bat house size: 4.25″D x 9″W x 27″H includes S&K Telescoping Bat House Pole.

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05/12/2024 01:04 am GMT
Large Triple Chamber Bat House

TRIPLE CHAMBER SIZE: 4.62 inches deep by 13.5 inches wide by 23.75 inches tall; MATERIAL: Made from solid pine.

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05/12/2024 12:54 am GMT
Large Double Chamber Bat Box

The 16.5×10.2×4” large bat houses with the efficient two chamber design offer an ideal roosting area.

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05/12/2024 12:44 am GMT
Outer Trails Two-Chamber Bat House – Brown
$28.81 ($28.81 / Count)

Two chamber made from handcrafted cedar. SIZE: 15″ H x 3.5″ D x 9.25″ W

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05/12/2024 12:34 am GMT
Customer Favorite
Two Chamber Bat House

Large, cedar wood, bat house accommodates 75 bats.

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05/11/2024 04:34 am GMT

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