How To Tell the Difference Between the United States Steel Corporation Eagles

Tips to be able to tell which eagle is the male and which is the female.

One of the main differences with the two eagles is that the female is larger than the male.  This isn’t always easy to tell if the eagle is by itself, but when standing side-by-side the difference is very noticeable. 

With the United States Steel Corporation eagle pair, there are a few key differences to look for when trying to identify which is which.

Male Eagle

  • Has a freckle on his iris at 8:00
  • Head feathers are often smoothed down
  • Smaller overall size & smaller beak
  • Defined, darker lining around eye

Female Eagle

  • Has a notch in front neck feathers
  • Head feathers are often raised, spiky appearance
  • Larger overall size & larger beak
  • Fully white neck feathers

Mom & Dad Comparison


Female Close-up


Male Close-up

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